Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers Switch PS1 Music Box Figure + Musical Score Sheet

Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers Switch PS1 Music Box Figure + Musical Score Sheet

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brand new Authentic official item. First Edition, 315 made. Comes with bonus musical score sheet. A PERFECT collectible for any Chrono Cross fan!

This collectible Chrono Cross Music Box is an unique artefact of pure nostalgy, delivered with its collector score and featuring "Radical Dreamers" in two parts!

The Chrono Cross Music Box is made with a prestigious 50-note mechanical movement to ensure the best possible reproduction of the original music, performing Radical Dreamers in a two-parts melody! This limited Chrono Cross music box is an unique treasure to cherish forever, beyond time and dimensions. 

Officially licensed by Septima Ley and Procyon Studio

Presented in its first edition, limited to 315 copies

Delivered with a limited and certified print of the score

Plays “Radical Dreamers” in two parts (60 seconds, looping for about 10 rounds)

210mm (width), 125mm (depth), 85mm (height)

Precision mechanism made of a rotary cylinder with 50 pins

Discreet winder below the box and on/off trigger on the front

Wooden box in walnut solid wood

Crafted with the best materials and entirely autonomous (powered by their own winder key and trigger), they are of the highest quality and serve both musical and decorative functions. Their design is the result of months of development, from the distinctive, “music-box” arrangement to the careful selection of materials in order to create a product that exceeds the standards, made especially for passionate collectors.