Dragon Age Cullen's Rutherford Andraste Lucky Coin Figure Charm Statue Replica

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brand new Authentic official item. Rare sold out.


Dragon Age Cullen’s Lucky Coin
Comes in a soft-padded display case

Material: Zinc alloy
Antique silver finish

Lucky Coin: 2” (5.08 cm) diameter


Even Cullen’s usual elusiveness towards romantic relationships couldn’t keep him from falling for you. Perhaps, he was enchanted by your beauty or bewitched by your valor in the face of the Breach.

The story of the lucky charm follows Cullen’s solitary visits to the lake, where respite often awaited his arrival. And how the coin, gifted to him by his brother, served as a talisman of truth, luck, and decisiveness. You must mean a lot to him if he is willing to part ways with something so valuable, ever so sentimental.

So hold on to it, if not as a lucky charm, as a way to remember Cullen. Slide it in your robe before you put on that inquisitor armor, or carry it in your satchel as you gallop around Thedas in your steed.

The two-sided coin is a 1:1 replica of the in-game coin, cast with alloy and featuring Andraste’s crowned effigy. Now, whether it’s the prophet’s blessings, Cullen’s love, or pure coincidence, you’ll notice luck follow you around.