Fallout Nuka Cola Dark Glass Bottle + 10 Bottle Caps Tin Rocket Statue Figure

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brand new Authentic official item. Rare sold out everywhere.

Ask any cola nut or happy-go-lucky party animal: the best thing about Nuka Dark are the perks you get  . But if you ask the collectors, it's a whole different story. For them, it's all about the satisfaction you feel when you admire your beautiful rocket-shaped   bottle. Extra points if you have some Nuka Dark caps lying around, too. To that end, we present the Fallout Nuka-Cola Dark Glass Bottle and Caps!


1x Nuka-Cola Dark bottle

Non-functional. For display purposes only. Do NOT use as drinkware.


Capacity: 12 oz (355 mL) tolerance 330-350 ml 

Material: Sprayed blackish brown borosilicate glass

Height: 28 in (18.5 cm)

Bottom diameter (leg to leg): 54 in (8.99 cm) 

Top opening outer diameter: 02 in (2.6 cm)

Top opening inner diameter: 67 in (1.7 cm) 

10x Nuka Dark bottle caps

Material: .023 in (0.58 mm) tin plate

Size: 1 x 0.2 in (26 x 5 mm) 

Product color may vary from the images shown due to monitor display variance. 



This item is for display purposes only.

Do NOT use bottle as drinkware.


Do NOT twist bottle cap on nor off as this may break the bottle. Bottle cap should gently come on and off the top.