Fallout Pip Boy 2000 MK VI Enclave Limited Edition Figure Wand Company 2023

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brand new Authentic official item.

Only 1,500 worldwide , Enclave Edition

Limited Edition 

Only 1,500 worldwide 

Includes Certificate of Authenticity 

Each with an etched unique serial number (blank space provided on certificate for owner to fill in) 

Enclave skin 

Muted gray and silver Enclave livery  

Enclave star-encrusted insignia 

Silver accent piping round the display housing 


Light-up display 

Button on top box powers up display and vacuum tubes 

Display screen lights up and vacuum tubes illuminate (with metal spring filament inside) 

Display and vacuum tubes periodically flicker, replicating a loose internal connection – tapping the top of the Pip-Boy “cures” the flickering 


3 x AAA batteries are included (isolated with pull tab) 

Unit is supplied with reversible (flat and cross-head) Vault-Tec screwdriver, to be used to open the battery compartment 


Decoration has been improved using printing instead of stickers and adding an in-universe display bezel keyline in corresponding variant color 


Product color may vary from the images shown due to monitor display variance.