Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Wine Glasses Ascians Sigils Lahabrea Emet-Selch Glass x3 SET Square Enix

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PRESALE SHIPS AUG 2021 [Release date is subject to change at any time]


Presenting a series of FINAL FANTASY XIV-themed wine glasses that each feature a design inspired by the sigils of the Ascians. The three-piece set features glasses with the sigils of Lahabrea, Emet-Selch, and Elidibus. Its sturdy packaging exudes a premium feel with its contrast between the black exterior and blue interior and makes it a perfect gift for any fan!

As each glass can hold 180 ml, they are the perfect size for everyday use as well.

Material: Glass

Size: (each glass) stand approx. H 6.5 inches, holds 180ml


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