GFUEL Dead Space Plasma Energy Collector's Box + GID Shaker Limited Run G FUEL

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brand new Authentic official item. Rare out of print.

Note: manufacturer boxes are extremely thin quality, but will be packed as best as possible for shipment. Just a heads up the collector's box has no seal per manufacturer.

As you wander the empty corridor of the USG Ishimura, you hear a clunking in the exhaust pipes. A mysterious growl and a screech echo through the darkness, sending you running in panic from the unseen horror. Your mind screams a single word: “escape!”

With only a Plasma Cutter by your side, you race to bring the power back on so you can make your hasty retreat. Suddenly, a nightmarish creature bursts out of a vent! Decaying flesh and arms with razor-sharp bones protruding like blades. You quickly remember the message the ill-fated crew left: “Cut off their limbs.” And so without hesitation, you aim for the arms and legs.

You’ve afforded yourself a brief moment to catch your breath. You look down and see a new power-up. It's the G FUEL Plasma Energy Collector’s Box – inspired by Motive Studio’s exhilarating Dead Space remake! It’s a deliciously sweet strawberry candy flavor that is out of this world and scary good!

This full-art Collectors Box builds the tension as Isaac repairs the ship alone, bracing for the horror that awaits. Each Collector’s Box comes with a 40-serving tub of G FUEL Plasma Energy and an exclusive Shaker Cup with a glow-in-the-dark insert!


40 Serving Plasma Energy Tub

16 oz G FUEL x Dead Space Shaker Cup [glow in the dark insert]