GFUEL Mobile Suit Gundam MS-M31-ON Collector's Box + Metal Shaker Tub G Fuel

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brand new Authentic official item. Rare out of print.

Ready for shipment as this is the first main batch.

Note: manufacturer boxes are extremely thin quality, but will be packed as best as possible for shipment. Just a heads up the collector's box has no seal per manufacturer.

Defending the Earth Federation is a full-time job since the Principality of Zeon first started their war. Your Beam Saber and Beam Rifle have served you well, but you need to head back to White Base for a serious upgrade to finish the fight and boost your Mobile Suit to the next level! Introducing G FUEL MS-M31-0N – inspired by Mobile Suit Gundam! This windowless and intricately styled Collector’s Box comes with a brand-new, metal Shaker Cup featuring both Gundam RX-78-2 and Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II preparing to face off! This battle-ready flavor is armed with a refreshing melon ramune taste that is absolutely out of this world!


40 Serving MS-M31-0N Energy Tub

24 oz G FUEL x Gundam Tall Stainless Steel Shaker Cup