Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 Systems Alliance Commander Shepard GOLD Coin

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Brand new Authentic official Mass Effect Legendary Edition N7 Systems Alliance Commander Shepard GOLD Coin

Keep a special token of your identity as the hero of the Mass Effect trilogy with your Commander Shepard Collectible Gold Coin.

Limited edition
Only 305 pieces worldwide
Individually numbered on the edge

High relief embossing
Antique Gold Finish
Plain edge

Diameter: 2 in (50.8 mm)
Thickness: 0.12 in (3 mm)
Embossed on both sides

Side A
Systems Alliance logo
“Systems Alliance - 2148 - Earth”

Side B
N7 logo
“Executive Officer - Service No 5923-AC-2826 - SSV Normandy”

Material: Zinc Alloy
Comes in a square display case
Clear top for viewing
Opaque black bottom with official Mass Effect artwork
Includes protective foam inserts