Mass Effect Relay Replica Figure Statue + Element Zero Blue Light Up Orb N7 USB

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brand new Authentic official item. 2nd edition


Technical Specs

Size: 12.21 x 1.78 x 6.62 inch (31*4.5*16.8 cm)

Effects: Element zero blue light up orb, both inner and outer rings move by hand

Material: ABS plastic, plug-in light up blue orb of ‘element zero’

Voltage: DC 5V IN

Micro/type A cable

Consider these akin to physics-defying super highways that’ll take you and your fellow transit from one part of the galaxy to another. The best thing—you’ll probably beat light by a few thousand years. Achieved by using a giant blue glowing core made of element zero, these 9-mile long metal machines with their incredibly intimidating 3-mile long gyroscopes are pretty much indestructible. Whether it's their gargantuan size or their invulnerable quantum shield protection, Mass Relays offer plenty of reasons to be considered one of the greatest inventions by any resident of the Milky Way galaxy.

And with this Mass Relay Replica, we’re bringing one of the mightiest structures in Mass Effect to your living room. Equipped with a glowing blue orb and mechanically rotatable gyroscope rings, this replica will have you dreaming of suiting up and exploring the remote landscapes of the galaxy. Just plug it in and let your imagination do the rest.

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