The Messenger Bokken OAK Hardwood Figure Statue Sword 41.5 Special Reserve Games

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brand new Authentic official item. Rare item.

NO GAME, NO SCROLL. This is for the Bokken Exotic Hardwood Stick only removed from the Bokken's Collector's Edition

UNIQUE HANDMADE BOKKEN Carved from exotic hardwoods by Sabotage. This is only produced 40 and will be very rare to have this as a collectible item. Don't pass this up. From the game to your home, perfect for your display piece [NO STAND INCLUDED]. Great video game replica.

This unique handmade artifact requires skill and practice to master just like the great indie game The Messenger. Each bokken is handmade from a single piece of exotic hardwood with a custom inlay unique to each individual piece.


- Bokken Exotic Hardwood Stick


- Approx 41.5" Long

- Burlap LOGO Bag Included

- Limited to 40 Handmade by Sabotage

* Nothing else included, removed from Bokken Collector's Edition